Daylight Story

Daylight Story

The scene is New York City, but it could beanywhere.

Commuters jam the underwater tunnel linking the island of Manhattanwith New Jersey. Traffic is heavy the usual mix of outward bound workersand visitors, commercial and industrial vehicles, and people just passingthrough. All in all, a typical evening rush hour until.

On the 20th anniversary of the release of Rocky, the Oscar winningunderdog tale that ignited one of the most remarkable careers in modernshow business history, international box office heavyweight Sylvester Stalloneexplodes on the screen in Universal Pictures‘ presentation of Rob Cohen’ssuspenseful action drama Daylight.

A traffic accident sparks a devastating Moncler Jacke Damen explosion, trapping a small groupof people in the tunnel. Before them is a vision of Hell: a dim, Moncler Jacke Verkauf stiflingworld, filled with the victims of the spectacular fireball that roaredthrough the tunnel from end to end and illuminated by toxic flames flickeringeerily in the distance. The air is foul with noxious Parajumpers Giuly gases Parajumpers Herren and smoke. Hugeslabs of concrete and twisted masses Parajumpers Giuly of metal are everywhere as the weakenedtunnel begins to collapse on itself.

The only hope is Kit Latura (Sylvester Stallone), the disgraced formerhead of Emergency Medical Services, who risks his life in a harrowing journeythrough the tunnel’s unstable ventilation system to Billig Moncler Jacken reach them. But onceinside the tunnel, Kit becomes trapped with the others and is forced toimprovise a roller Canada Goose Jacke coaster ride of escape to lead the group back to daylight.

A Davis Entertainment/Joseph M. Singer production, Daylightwas directed by Rob Cohen and co stars Amy Brenneman, Viggo Mortensen,Dan Hedaya, Jay O. Sanders, Karen Young, Claire Bloom, Barry Newman andStan Shaw, with Renoly Santiago, Marcello Thadford and Sage Stallone. Thescreenplay was written by Leslie Bohem. John Davis, Joseph M. Singer andDavid T. Friendly served as producers, with Paul Neesan serving as co executiveproducer.

Joiningdirector Cohen on Daylight is executive Parajumpers Long Bear Verkauf producer RaffaellaDe Laurentiis, who previously served as producer on Cohen’s films Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story and Dragonheart, as well as otherlongtime Cohen DeLaurentiis collaborators, cinematographer David Eggby,editor Peter Amundson and music composer Randy Edelman. „WheneverThere Is Love“ (from Daylight) written by Bruce Robertsand Sam Roman, is performed over the end titles by Bruce Roberts and DonnaSummer.

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